The Private Practice Physicians Section held its 2022 Interim Meeting Friday, Nov, 11, 2022. This meeting was attended by more than 35 private practice physicians and invited guests. Attendees were pleased to see the ongoing support for the section and robust engagement.

Attendees heard a presentation from Michael Tutty, PhD, AMA group vice president, Professional Satisfaction and Practice Sustainability on the intersection of physician mistreatment and burnout. The Assembly also heard, and participated in, a didactic panel discussion addressing violence against physicians and how best to protect our healers.

The program, attended by more than 90 governing council members, was moderated by Tutty. Panel members included: Narayana Murali, MD, Carolynn Francavilla, MD, and David Welsh, MD. 

The section transmitted four resolutions to the House of Delegates for consideration:

  • Resolution 1: Health Insurers and Collection of Co-Pays and Deductibles
  • Resolution 3: Enabling and Enhancing the Delivery of Continuity of Care
  • Resolution 4: Minimal Sustainable Reimbursement for Community Practices
  • Resolution 5: A Fair Economy

The section recommended one resolution for reaffirmation:

  • Resolution 2: Physician Reimbursement for Interpreter Services

The section voted to provide support for a variety of AMA House of Delegates resolutions, including:

  • Res. 201: Physician Reimbursement for Interpreter Services
  • Res. 217: Restrictions on the Ownership of Hospitals by Physicians
  • Res. 805: COVID Vaccine Administration Fee
  • Res. 811: Covering Vaccinations for Seniors Through Medicare Part B

Visit the 2022 PPPS Interim Meeting agenda & resources page for meeting documents and more resources from the meeting. To obtain a "presentation-ready" format of the meeting highlights, please email [email protected]

Visit the PPPS pages to learn more about PPPS and how to become more engaged.

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