At its Nov. 11 Interim Meeting, the Minority Affairs Section (MAS) announced that its Engagement Committee will continue its focus on the medical education continuum and its impact on diversity in the physician workforce—from pathway programs, to medical school, to residency.

The meeting featured a presentation by AMA Medical Education unit representatives Sanjay Desai, MD, chief academic officer, and Mr. Joaquin Baca, director of equity, diversity and belonging.  As part of the new collaborative effort, MAS Engagement Committee members will serve as advisors in MedEd’s pursuit of an external study on health equity and racial justice in medical education. Members will act as experts and thought leaders with breadth, depth and passion for the issues involved.

The external study is a direct result of a recommendation from CME Report 05-J-21, which concluded that “That our AMA work with appropriate stakeholders to commission and enact the recommendations of a forward-looking, cross-continuum, external study of 21st century medical education focused on reimagining the future of health equity and racial justice in medical education, improving the diversity of the health workforce, and ameliorating inequitable outcomes among minoritized and marginalized patient populations.“

During a separate presentation, Norma Poll-Hunter, PhD, AAMC’s senior director of equity, diversity and inclusion with AAMC presented the Group on Diversity & Inclusion, as well as AAMC’s partnership with the National Medical Association on their Action Collaborative on Black Men in Medicine. She offered suggestions on how individual MAS members as well as the section might consider working with AAMC in the future.

The MAS Governing Council also co-hosted with the Medical Student Section (MSS) the inaugural planning meeting of a new coalition of elected medical student leaders within MSS and among external partners (including those representing allopathic and osteopathic medical schools) whose primary objects focus on health equity and diversity in the profession. The session was moderated by Joshua Carrasco, MSS Governing Council member, DEI officer and MAS member.  

The MAS education session focused on data disaggregation and other factors that influence population health and physician diversity in Asian-American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities. California State Senator Richard Pan, MD, served as moderator, and panelists included two Hawaiian physicians: Martina Kamala, MD, and Marjorie Mau, MD, MS.

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