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ClassPass fitness & wellness benefits


The AMA teamed up with ClassPass to give you worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, salons and spas. Build a custom wellness routine with access to more than 40,000 businesses across 30 countries and five continents.

Get started for free today to book things like yoga, Pilates and cycling classes plus gym time at some of ClassPass’s top-rated studios and gyms for 14 days.

  • Get two weeks free to book gym time and fitness classes like strength training, yoga, Pilates & more.*
  • AMA members get 10% bonus credits on all ClassPass memberships following the free trial period (35 credits for 14 days).
  • Access exclusive ClassPass member rates and in-app promotions for newly added studios and first-time visits.

* Free trial offer is limited to new ClassPass users only. If you are a current or existing ClassPass user, you will not be eligible for the free trial; however, you can unlock your bonus credits with the AMA exclusive plan. Please reach out via the contact  form to transition your account to the AMA exclusive plan.

ClassPass provides you with credits each month to book studio fitness classes, salon and spa appointments, gym time and more. The number of credits needed to book something varies by reservation type, location, popularity and time.

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