Feb. 19, 2021: Advocacy Update other news


The AMA is taking an important step to reconcile its past by acknowledging the harms that one of our founders, Nathan Davis, MD, had in our organization’s history that allowed and upheld racism within the medical profession.

This viewpoint from AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD, provides important details and context for this acknowledgement including AMA’s 2008 apology, recent actions by our Board and House of Delegates, and the work underway through the AMA Center for Health Equity.

By acknowledging the past, the AMA is embracing a discussion about how to begin to heal past harms.

Experts from the North American Spine Society and a traumatic brain injury work group are evaluating content for the AMA Guides Sixth Edition, 2022 update.

In Dec. 2020, AMA launched AMA Guides Digital, which includes AMA Guides Sixth Edition and the complete AMA Guides Newsletter archive. On March 1, AMA Guides Sixth Edition, 2021 will be available on the digital platform. Effective July 1, the AMA will consider AMA Guides Sixth Edition, 2021 to be the most current version of AMA Guides Sixth Edition. The AMA is encouraging all states that designate use of AMA Guides Sixth Edition or the most recent edition of AMA Guides to begin use of AMA Guides Sixth Edition, 2021 on July 1. Regulators should provide clear communication with physicians and other stakeholders on the requirements in their jurisdiction.

AMA Guides had an Editorial Panel meeting on Feb. 18 to discuss progress updates to the spine content as well as plan for updates to mental health and behavioral disorders methodology. This was not a 2021 DSM 5 update.

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The AMA Guides—regardless of edition—are part of the legislative and regulatory fabric in most states. To discuss how to best approach legislative and regulatory changes in your state, please contact the AMA Advocacy Resource Center

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