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AMA Applauds Surgeon General Report on Substance Use Disorders

For immediate release:
Nov 17, 2016
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Statement attributable to:
Andrew W. Gurman, M.D.
President, American Medical Association

“The AMA applauds Surgeon General Murthy for tackling the crisis of drug and alcohol addiction – an issue of vital importance to our patients and communities. The report’s detailed findings and research provide important guidance for the nation to see that addiction is a chronic disease and must be treated as such. This is a crucial starting point.

“The AMA supports the report’s emphasis on early detection and evidence-based interventions rather than providing treatment only after a crisis. The report clearly explains how alcohol and certain other drugs affect people’s brains and can develop into substance use disorders.

“The report recognizes that there is no single solution, but there are many science-based approaches that can help our patients. We agree that there needs to be an increase in access to proven treatments as well as an increase in research.

“Now, we need to narrow the gap between the number of people who need treatment and the resources available for substance use disorders; we need to remove arbitrary limits on coverage and barriers to care. We will continue to work to help end the stigma associated with this disease of addiction and to ensure our patients receive the care they deserve.”

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Jack Deutsch
AMA Media & Editorial
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