Recently there have been revisions in naming genetically modified cell-based therapies. In the past, these types of therapies were named as cellular therapies using the infix "-gen-" for cells that were transduced with a gene.

The Office of Cellular, Tissue and Gene Therapies (OCTGT) group of the FDA, the USAN Council and the INN agreed to use a 2-word naming scheme for genetically modified cell-based therapies. The first word is to be the same as the gene therapy first word for the gene. The second word suffix is "-cel" and a cell type infix is included before the "-cel" ending.

As shown below, both words will only contain one infix.

Prefix: Random to contribute euphonious and distinctive name.

Infix: To identify the gene using existing infixes for biological products or using a similar infix for the protein for which the gene codes:

-ald-        adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) protein

-beglo-    βA-t87Q-globin

-bermin- vascular endothelial growth factor

-cabta-    cell expressed antibody and T cell activation

-cima-      cytosine deaminase

-ermin-    growth factor

-etid-       eczema-throbocytopenia-immunodeficiency syndrome

-far-         interferon

-fermin-   fibroblast growth factor

-kin-         interleukins

-lim-         immunomodulator

-lip-          human lipoprotein lipase

-mul-       multiple genes

-naco-     coagulation factor IX

-nad-       NADH dehydrogenase

-nermin- tumor necrosis factor (TNF)

-octoco-   coagulation factor Vlll

-pap-       human papilloma virus

-papkino- human papilloma virus and IL-2

-permin-  hepatocyte growth factor

-repi-      REP-1 gene

-reti-        retinal pigment

-semn-    SMN

-stim-       colony stimulating factor

-tima-      thymidine kinase

-tusu-      tumor suppression

Suffix:  - (a vowel) gene: e.g., -(o)gene

Prefix: Random to contribute euphonious and distinctive name.

Infix: Cell type; reference USAN/INN infix for cell type:

-ada-        adenosine deaminase

-co(n)-     chondrocytes

-den-       dendritic cells

-end(o)-   endothelial cells

-ep(a)-     hepatocytes

-fi(b)-       fibroblasts

-isle-        islet cells

-ker(a)-    keratinocytes

-leu-        lymphocytes/monocytes/ APC (white cells)

-mestro- mesenchymal stromal cells

-mio(b)-   myoblasts

-ova-       ovary cells

-pla(c)-    placental cells

-ren-        renal tubular cells

-ret-         retinal cells

-tem-       stem cells

-tesi-        testis cells

-tu-          tumor cells

-ubi-        umbilical cord cells (formerly -cor-)

-ur-          urothelial cells

Suffix:  -cel

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