The AMA expanded its podcast offerings in 2019, and the physician and medical student audience is responding enthusiastically. From signing a contract and maintaining well-being to exploring key areas of public health, here’s a look at the top AMA podcast episodes of the past year.

Advocacy in action

Discover how your colleagues are championing against some of the most difficult issues facing health professionals in the U.S.

  1. Processing and preventing tragedy

    1. This installment of the “AMA Moving Medicine” series was the Association’s most downloaded podcast episode of 2019. In the episode, John P. Fogarty, MD, dean of the Florida State University College of Medicine, shares the outpouring of grief following a medical student’s suicide and outlines the FSU Wellness Committee's efforts to create a culture that promotes well-being for students.
  2. Considering the cost of care

    1. Why does the U.S. spends so much more on health care than other countries? Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH, director of Harvard Global Health Institute, took on that question during his address at 2019 AMA State Advocacy Summit.
  3. How pricing affects outcomes

    1. In this second episode based on Dr. Jha’s remarks, he talks about the trade-off of positive and negative outcomes stemming from high prices in America’s health care sector.

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  4. Eliminating disparities in care for LGTBQ patients

    1. Brooke M. Buckley, MD, offered a road map, of sorts, for physicians seeking for personal and professional satisfaction. The key steps include making the most of your mentorship opportunities and learning from past failures.
  5. A high-level approach to well-being

    1. Organizational transformation can play a key role in reducing physician burnout. This episode details the AMA’s work to make it happen.
  6. The state of opioid abuse in America

    1. At the 2019 AMA National Advocacy Conference, Admiral Brett P. Giroir, MD—the Health and Human Services assistant secretary for health—offered a look at the opioid epidemic and some potential solutions.
  7. The dos and don’ts of the dotted line

    1. Interviewing and negotiating your first contract involves a lot of steps. This episode of the “Making the Rounds” podcast walks you through some of the most important benchmarks.

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  8. Streamlining patient workflow

    1. What are expanded rooming and discharge protocols? Christine Sinsky, MD, answers that question and gives guidance on how you can implement them in your office.
  9. Key considerations before you negotiate

    1. For physicians looking to work in an employed setting, there are a few things to keep in mind before you enter the contract negotiating phase. AMA legal expert Wes Cleveland gives his thoughts on what those may be.

Finding the right medical podcast

The AMA’s roster of podcasts includes:

  • “Doc Talk,” which features conversations focusing on real-world experiences from physicians, patients and community members.
  • “Making The Rounds,” offering advice, interviews and discussions on the most important topics affecting residents’ lives and careers.
  • “AMA Moving Medicine,” which highlights innovation and the emerging issues that impact physicians and public health today. All are available for stream or download on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or wherever you listen to your podcasts.
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