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Medical Student Section (MSS) Guide to Writing a Resolution

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AMA Medical Student Section (MSS) members may submit resolutions on important topics in medicine that existing AMA policy and MSS policy do not address.

Submit Your Topic to the Open Forum

Post your resolutions ideas on the Open Forum to get feedback from student leadership, collaborate with others interested in your topic and further improve upon your resolution idea.

To submit a resolution for the 2018 Annual Meeting you must post your idea on the Open Forum by March 18.

Comment on Resolutions

Access, review, and comment or “testify” on resolutions in advance of the assembly through the Virtual Reference Committee.

Please sign all comments with your full name. If you list your position or school, note you are doing so in an individual capacity. Only list your local section, region or state if you have approval to speak on behalf of that group.

MSS Virtual Reference Committee

Visit the MSS Virtual Reference Committee for reports, resolutions and the latest discussion topics.

Resolution Writing Guide

Effective policy is focused, flexible and forward-looking. Learn what makes a strong resolution by reviewing the MSS Resolution Guide and MSS Resolution Writing Presentation prepared by your Section Delegate.

Familiarize yourself with the parliamentary procedure the MSS uses during its assembly meetings. Please also read the Resolution Alternatives to broaden your understanding of other ways to further MSS policy.

If you are new to the resolution writing process and would like to work with an experienced member of the MSS to help craft your resolution, please contact Jerome Jeevarajan at [email protected].

Students who wish to have the MSS or AMA act on existing policies should submit a MSS Governing Council Action Item Request, to ask the leadership of the MSS to consider a policy change.

Resolution Template

Resolutions must be submitted on the MSS resolution template. Any resolutions received that do not follow this template will be returned to their author and not accepted until properly formatted.

The MSS Policy Analyst has created a resolution formatting guide to help new authors understand proper formatting protocol.

Suggested Resolution Topics

The following issues have been identified by your delegates as significant, timely and relevant to medical student advocacy. If you are considering writing a resolution but have not yet settled on a subject, please consider addressing one of the following topics:

  • Pursuing innovative mechanisms to improve medical student wellness and mitigate burnout
  • Cultivating the delivery of equitable health care to diverse patient populations in a dynamic environment, including via promotion of diversity within the medical profession
  • Addressing emergent public health threats with impactful and evidence-based solutions

2017 Interim Meeting Resolution Deadlines

Visit the MSS Meeting Agenda page for key dates and deadlines.

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