A dozen young medical researchers stepped into the spotlight recently as winners of the 2017 AMA Research Symposium for their work in areas such as cancer care outcomes, overlapping surgeries, statin use in patients with diabetes, and hospital lengths of stay. Find out who won these distinguished awards at the Interim Meeting in Honolulu.

Competing among hundreds of the nation’s brightest medical students, residents, fellows and international medical graduates awaiting residency, the winners were selected based on the outstanding quality of their research in categories such as basic science, clinical research, public health, clinical medicine, improving health outcomes and clinical vignette.

Medical students

Top-scored podium winner: Christopher Lucido (basic science): “Utilization of β-blockers in the treatment of HPV(+) head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.”

Basic science: Royson Valliyil, “Evaluation of ECMO Circuits for Long-Term Cardiopulmonary Support.”

Clinical research: Tyler Abarca, “Does Cancer Center Volume Effect Overall Survival in Soft Tissue Sarcoma? A review of the National Cancer Data Base.”

Public Health/epidemiology: Reena Patel, “An Educational Program to Address Maternal Health Disparities and High Infant Mortality in Pitt County, NC.”


Top-scored podium winner: Anna Petrella (clinical vignette), MD, “Cerebral Sinovenous Thrombosis in a 17 year old presenting with Intractable Migraine.”

Clinical vignette: Cheyenne Thannikkotu, MD, “Secondary homocysteinemia from folate and vitamin B12 deficiencies resulting in arterial thrombi.”

Clinical medicine: Bradley Wills, MD, “Outcomes with Overlapping Surgery at a Large Academic Medical Center.”

Improving health outcomes: Anu Saini, MD, “Statin use in diabetic patients, a retrospective review.”

International medical graduates

Top-scored podium winner: Annu Dhami, MD (clinical vignette), “Acute Diverticulitis in the Young: A Case Report.”

Clinical vignette: Arda Akoluk, MD, “Severe Ulcerative Colitis Following Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation For Multiple Myeloma, Which Cause to Blame?”

Clinical medicine: Kiran Chatha, MD, “Does Preoperative Opioid Increase Postoperative Opioid Dependence Following Shoulder Replacement Surgery?”

Improving health outcomes: Bhumi Patel, MD, “Incidence, risk factors and financial implications of prolonged length of stay – An analysis of 131 million hospitalizations during 2007–2011 in the United States.”

The symposium, which took place as part of the 2017 AMA Interim Meeting in Honolulu, included hundreds of poster presentations and presentations as part of the oral competition.

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