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AMA Wire - 09/22/2014

Case could leave doctors vulnerable to repeat, delayed lawsuits

A case coming before the Supreme Court of the United States holds in the balance whether lawsuits and heavy fines can be brought indefinitely against physicians who provide services under Medicare and other federal health care programs.

AMA Wire - 09/22/2014

21 students selected as outstanding doctors of tomorrow

A group of outstanding fourth-year medical students from across the country were announced earlier this month as recipients of the Physicians of Tomorrow Awards from the AMA Foundation.

AMA Wire - 09/19/2014

Tell us: Which EHR improvements would help you most?

An AMA-convened panel of experts this week called for electronic health record (EHR) overhaul, outlining the eight top challenges and solutions for improving EHR usability, AMA President-Elect Steven J. Stack, MD, writes in an AMA Viewpoints post. As chair of this committee, Dr. Stack asks you to share your thoughts with the AMA: Which of these eight priorities would make the biggest impact on your practice?

AMA Wire - 09/19/2014

Gender role in residency burnout, faculty promotion under scrutiny

Two studies will be taking on questions about the role gender may play in key components of the medical profession, including empathy and burnout in residency and faculty promotion and retention at medical schools. The projects are the winners of this year’s Joan F. Giambalvo Fund for the Advancement of Women, announced Wednesday in conjunction with Women in Medicine Month.

AMA Wire - 09/19/2014

Physicians share insights into how med schools are changing

Take a closer look at unique programs medical schools across the country are testing with first-person perspectives from academic physicians on cutting-edge programs at their schools.

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AMA Wire - 09/19/2014

JAMA Highlights: Waistlines of U.S. adults continue to increase

New studies find the prevalence of abdominal obesity and average waist circumference increased among U.S. adults from 1999 to 2012, and combination therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was associated with better outcomes.