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AMA Wire - 08/19/2014

40 percent of Americans will develop diabetes: New study

About two in five Americans will develop type 2 diabetes at some point in their lives, according to the findings of a new study, which underscore the increasing need for evidence-based programs that help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

AMA Wire - 08/19/2014

Med students make health fundraising, awareness social

Medical students are working every day to learn the best ways to treat tomorrow’s patients—but many are having an impact on important health issues today, too. Social media is the perfect place for students and medical schools to share their good work.

AMA Wire - 08/18/2014

Insurers not paying correctly? Free tool helps address denials

A newly updated online tool can help your practice ensure accurate payment of claims and appeal inappropriate denials. The Claims Workflow Assistant, developed by the AMA, can help your practice understand digital explanations of payment known as electronic remittance advice (ERA) transactions and address any issues with how the insurer handled your claims.

AMA Wire - 08/15/2014

Why faculty development is crucial to med ed innovation

Academic physicians and faculty across the country are innovating new ways to teach the physicians of tomorrow, but first, the trainers must become the trainees.

AMA Wire - 08/15/2014

Don’t miss chance to showcase your research

Medical students, residents and international medical graduates awaiting residency have an opportunity to get recognition for their work, network with their peers and learn from physician judges experienced in the field by participating in this year’s AMA Research Symposium. Abstracts are due Aug. 19.

The Jama Network

AMA Wire - 08/15/2014

JAMA Highlights: This week’s top articles from the JAMA Network

New studies show experiencing atrial fibrillation while hospitalized for surgery is associated with increased long-term risk of stroke, and treatment with bisphosphonates for osteoporosis is not associated with reduced breast cancer risk.

Virtual Mentor

AMA Wire - 08/14/2014

Ethics journal explores the humanities in medical education

This month’s issue of Virtual Mentor, the AMA’s online ethics journal, explores what “medical humanities” comprises. Contributing authors argue that medical education is incomplete without it.