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AMA Wire - 04/17/2014

Physicians explain how to divvy payments in new models of care

Adopting care delivery reforms in your practice can help you achieve better physician-led, patient-centered care and increase your professional satisfaction. New resources from the AMA can help guide you through an appropriate payment system for new models of care.

AMA Wire - 04/17/2014

Creating the academic medical center of the future

As residents train to become the practicing physicians of tomorrow, academic medical centers (AMC) are evaluating their futures as well, seeking to understand how to leverage their size, unique services and market prominence. A recent study from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) revealed key determinants in the successful AMC of the future.

AMA Wire - 04/16/2014

$1.6 trillion, 10 million jobs: Study shows physician impact on economy

Each physician in the United States supports 13.84 jobs on average and contributes $2.2 million in economic output, underscoring how physicians influence the health of both their patients and the economy, according to the AMA’s new Economic Impact Study.

Ardis Dee Hoven, MD

AMA Wire - 04/16/2014

Three initiatives are leading physicians into the future

The AMA’s work in its three strategic focus areas is moving forward, and the view for the future is exciting, AMA President Ardis Dee Hoven, MD, writes in an AMA Viewpoints post.

AMA Wire - 04/16/2014

New resource offers exclusive guidance, tips from CPT® Editorial Panel

A new resource from the AMA Store, available in June, will provide a comprehensive and powerful tool for reporting services using the CPT® code set.

AMA Wire - 04/15/2014

For minorities, road to medical school a leaky pipeline

Minority students trying to pursue a career in medicine are rapidly leaving the “medical school pipeline,” a recent analysis of data by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) shows.

Virtual Mentor

AMA Wire - 04/15/2014

Virtual Mentor examines third-party intrusions into the exam room

Contributors to the April issue of Virtual Mentor, the AMA’s online medical ethics journal, take a look at how regulations and other third-party activities affect the physician-patient relationship and delivery of care.