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AMA Wire - 08/01/2014

Move to align GME accreditation paves way for “ideal” continuum

With a “strong affirming vote” from the American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates, the plan to implement a single accreditation system for all U.S. graduate medical education (GME) programs moves forward, a significant step in efforts to create an ideal medical education continuum.

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AMA Wire - 08/01/2014

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A research letter examined pacemaker use in patients with cognitive impairment, and a recent study looked at an electronic screening tool to assess teenagers’ frequency of substance misuse.

AMA Wire - 07/31/2014

Physicians identify primary concern with health IT

When it comes to issues with health IT, physicians overwhelmingly point to one problem. Here’s what the latest indicates physicians think about electronic health record systems.

AMA Wire - 07/31/2014

Residents discuss determining the “one best test”

An estimated one-third of health care costs—about $750 billion—don’t actually improve health, according to the Institute of Medicine. Residents’ exams often ask them to choose the “one best test” for diagnosis to avoid health care waste, but what if the real-world choice is “all of the above”?

AMA Wire - 07/30/2014

GME financing system needs overhaul: IOM report

A long-awaited report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) calls for transitioning the current graduate medical education (GME) system to a transparent, performance-based system. Adding additional funds to the system, however, isn’t one of the recommendations—a fact that concerns the AMA.

AMA Wire - 07/30/2014

Medicare trustees assume no future SGR payment cuts: Report

In their annual report about the financial future of the program released Monday, the Medicare trustees announced that they will no longer base their budget assumptions on current law calling for physician payment cuts resulting from the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula, demonstrating a general agreement that it’s time to get rid of the broken formula once and for all.