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AMA Wire - 08/27/2014

Among 100 top influencers in health care, physician leaders shine

Politicians and federal agency heads weren’t the only ones voted into the newly released 2014 100 most influential people in American health care by Modern Healthcare. AMA President Robert M. Wah, MD, and AMA CEO and Executive Vice President James L. Madara, MD, were named to the list, alongside 17 other AMA members. Find out who’s included in this year’s list.

Robert M. Wah, MD

AMA Wire - 08/27/2014

What you need to make smart employment decisions

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to entering into employment versus private practice, and it can be challenging for new physicians—or physicians seeking a change—to navigate. If you’re interested in pursuing employment, find the help you need using resources AMA President Robert M. Wah, MD, shares in his latest AMA Viewpoints blog post

AMA Wire - 08/27/2014

Improved policies and procedures help your practice thrive

Develop your practice’s policies and procedures manual, or improve your current manual, using the AMA’s Policies and Procedures for a Successful Medical Practice.

AMA Wire - 08/26/2014

Innovations in Medicine video: Save time and money by asking a few simple questions

Physicians can save millions of dollars—and eliminate unnecessary testing—by asking patients just a few quick questions, according to one physician. In an AMA “Innovations in Medicine” talk—a brief, informal presentation in the style of TED Talks—Executive Director of the IU National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, said that asking her patients a couple questions about their diets can lead to simple solutions for health ailments.

AMA Wire - 08/26/2014

How to help patients manage blood pressure outside office visits

In a perfect world, every physician would have ample time to dedicate to each patient—but in reality, sometimes patients’ regular office visits just aren’t long enough, or frequent enough. One physician has found how to get patients the extra help they need managing their high blood pressure, both while they’re in the office and through community resources.

AMA Wire - 08/26/2014

The meaning behind your white coat

New medical students are slipping on their short white coats, a momentous and exciting occasion that marks the beginning of their careers.