Medical student advocacy

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Medical student programs: Advocacy

Turn your passion into action

Connect with nearly 52,000 AMA student members as you get hands-on experience advocating for change at the state and federal levels through trainings, meetings and events in Washington, D.C.—and online!

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MSS Quarterly Advocacy Challenges

Use your voice to advocate on issues prioritized by the MSS. A theme will be highlighted each quarter with options for students to engage in advocacy. Work with peers, local campus sections and your communities in advocacy efforts.

This quarter, learn how you can take action to improve mental health for your community.

Supporting you today. Protecting your future.

While you’re in medical school, the AMA is fighting to protect your investment in years of medical education and training. We represent the profession with a unified voice to:

  • Reduce administrative burden and excessive prior authorization
  • Reform Medicare payment and ensure proper reimbursement
  • Support physician well-being and fight burnout
  • Prevent scope of practice expansions and ensure physicians remain leader of the health care team


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