AMA Membership Moves Medicine™

Here's how.

Advocating for patients and physicians

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Addressing gun violence

The AMA supports common-sense measures to address gun violence. That’s why we’ve passed over two dozen policies supporting gun-violence restraining orders, tougher background checks, gun-free zones at schools, a ban on the sale of assault-type weapons and removal of firearms from high-risk individuals. 

Advancing patient care

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Ending the opioid epidemic

The work of the AMA's Opioid Task Force has resulted in nearly 120,000 physicians completing AMA courses on opioid prescribing.

Reinventing medical practice

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Extinguishing burnout and redesigning your practice

The AMA has assembled more than 40 award-winning tools to help physicians with everything from preventing burnout to creating a strong team culture to choosing the right payment model for your practice.

Training the nation's physicians

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Rewriting the book on medical education

Our Accelerating Change in Medical Education consortium, a group of 32 leading medical schools, is paving the way to teach future physicians to use technology to support clinical decisions, work in teams and health systems, and become physician leaders.

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Accessing world-class clinical research

As a mark of the AMA’s commitment to physicians’ lifelong learning, the AMA offers each of its members the latest research, innovations and perspectives through the JAMA Network™. Plus, physicians can track CME progress and print certificates at no cost.