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Your employees are your most valuable asset. Whether you’re looking to help your employees thrive or to attract and retain talent in a competitive job market, Gympass has everything you need to enhance your existing benefits package.

Gympass is a complete corporate wellbeing platform that offers the best fitness brands and wellness apps in affordable and premium monthly plans. With Gympass, you can give your employees and their dependents access to thousands of in-person and virtual wellness options when you enroll your practice.

AMA members receive a 30% discount* off the employer costs for 12 months with code AMAGP30.

Request pricing for your practice to get started.

*Pricing as low as $150/month (depending on practice size).

  • Your practice pays a monthly fee that covers all costs associated with the launch and maintenance of the Gympass program. Monthly investment depends on the total number of eligible employees.
  • Your employees choose a plan that works for them. Employee membership fees start at $11.99/month with unlimited access to the Gympass platform.
  • You manage the benefit with a dedicated, easy-to-use online HR portal. You can track usage reports, manage eligible employees, access billing information and more.
  • Access to a network of 12,000+ gyms and studios, with no initiation or cancellation fees.
  • 1:1 virtual personal training & online classes with your favorite gyms and studios, plus access to 30+ wellbeing apps.
  • All with one monthly membership on an easy-to-use app.

Ready to get started with Gympass?

Fill out a request form to receive a quote for your practice. Get 30% off the employer costs with code AMAGP30.

Empower your employees with a total wellbeing solution

  • Improve wellbeing. Enhance the quality of life for all of your employees with an effective wellness solution.
  • Increase productivity. Employees that have an active and healthy lifestyle are more focused and miss fewer days of work.
  • Boost engagement. A corporate wellness solution boosts team spirit and helps build a more engaged workforce.
  • Attract the best talent. Companies that offer great benefits have a competitive edge when recruiting.

  • Through the AMA Member Benefits PLUS program, AMA members can sign up for Gympass, a platform where members can access fitness, wellness and other related services from third-party entities in the Gympass network. The American Medical Association makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the quality of any of these services. The AMA does not review all available third-party services or apps in detail. Members can read the Gympass Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for full details, including their use of data.
  • This offer is only available to active AMA members. The offer will end if the AMA notifies Gympass that the member is no longer in good standing.
  • Partner facilities and included amenities available vary by location. Consult everything available as part of a Gympass membership within the Gympass app after verifying your eligibility.
  • Members may cancel their Gympass membership without any penalty or further obligation at any time within the Gympass app before their monthly auto-renewal date. Gympass will not refund any monies paid pursuant to the contract after the start of each membership period. To cancel, see Terms or contact Gympass at (618) 496-7277.

Gympass is a registered trademark of Gympass US, LLC, and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, registered trademarks or trademarks are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with the American Medical Association.

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