How AMA Foundation donations make an impact

Since 1950, the AMA Foundation has supported medical students, community-based organizations and health care professionals with a wide variety of scholarships and grants.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, our reach continues to grow.


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In 2015, the AMA Foundation awarded $937,000 in scholarships and grants including:

  • $215,000 awarded through the Minority Scholars Program to 21 1st- and 2nd-year medical students
  • $270,000 awarded through the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship program to rising 4th-year medical students
  • $5,000 awarded through the Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship to a student from Southeast Alaska
  • $150,000 through the Health Living Grant program to 20 community-based organizations in support of projects focused on prescription drug safety and cancer prevention awareness
  • $70,000 through the Healthy Communities/Healthy America program to 7 free clinics in support of the implementation of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Through the Seed Grant Research Program, the AMA Foundation awarded a total of $190,000 to 52 young researchers in support of projects focused on cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, neoplastic diseases and pancreatic cancer

Download the AMA Foundation Annual Report for more information on Foundation scholarships and award winners.

Here are highlights of what some of our award recipients (medical students and community organizations) are saying about the positive impact winning these awards has had on their lives and profession.

Physicians of Tomorrow Award Recipient

"Giving to the AMA Foundation is important because it shows investment in potential. Many students, like me, came to med school with the intent of being a doctor and are now leaving as leaders. Giving supports our profession, our mentors and our future."

Ishan Asokan

2016 Physician of Tomorrow

Minority Scholars Award Recipient

"This award is so much bigger than me. It is for all the wonderful women, minorities and immigrants who work so hard to diversify the face of medicine and to take care of a more and more diverse population. This award was a truly life-changing experience."

Luce Kassi

Minority Scholars Award

Community Health Programs Grant

"The impact of the project on our staff, board and organization as a whole has been so rewarding. All of us who work in this organization do so on a volunteer basis with the same goal in mind: to save lives."

The JP Prescription Drug Awareness Foundation

2016 Program Grant

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