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Women Physicians Section (WPS)

2014 Interim Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates

On November 8, the AMA-WPS sponsored an education session, “Communication as a Conflict Management Tool,” led by Andrea Jones, Executive Director of the E-Women Network of Dallas/Fort Worth. This engaging session provided insights on how physicians can identify factors that hinder effective communication, examine ways poor communication and conflict can impact professional effectiveness, and implement effective communication techniques for conflict management.

Later that day, the AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) hosted its business meeting and reception, which featured a talk by Juliet Lee MD, one of the 2013 recipients of the Joan F. Giambalvo, MD, Fund for the Advancement of Women. Dr. Lee shared results from her study, “The Experience of Chief Residents Who Have Remained in and Who Have Left Academic Medicine.” The business meeting concluded with a review of the AMA-HOD Handbook. The AMA-WPS Governing Council reviewed its positions on various items of business before the AMA House of Delegates that focus on issues of concern to women physicians, medical students and patients.

The AMA-WPS hosted its liaisons lunch and business meeting on Sunday, November 9. Highly regarded by past attendees, this event will feature updates from around the country about what state and specialty medical societies are doing to address important issues related to women physicians. Members of the WPS Liaisons Network will participate in a roundtable discussion on advancing women in healthcare leadership positions.

The following grids contain items of business for the 2014 Interim Meeting of the AMA House Delegates. The official AMA-WPS positions are included in these grids.

A message from AMA-WPS Alternate Delegate Lynda Kabbash, MD highlights the group's activity during the 2014 Interim Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates.

A Message from the AMA-WPS Chair

Dear WPS members,

It is with great honor that I serve as your Chair for 2014-2015.  My vision for this term is to increase the visibility and impact of the Women's Physician Section within the state and specialty societies and within the AMA. 

It is through this increased visibility that together, we can achieve our goals of (1.) increasing advocacy on women's health and women in medicine policy issues, and (2.) increasing the number of women physicians in leadership positions. 

Female physicians represent nearly 30% of all physicians in the country; we bring a unique leadership style to medicine.  We need more women to serve as liaisons within their state and specialty societies.  The liaisons will work with the WPS Governing Council (GC) to identify emerging issues, share solutions and build consensus on women in medicine issues.

On behalf of the WPS GC, please allow us to better serve you and your patients by taking a stance and working with us to make a difference.  Together, we can make a difference for female physicians and for our patients.

Dr. Josephine Nguyen

About the WPS

The AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) seeks to increase the number and influence of women physicians in leadership roles and to advocate for and advance the understanding of women's health issues.

There are different ways to become involved:

Join the AMA-WPS Today!

(Membership in the WPS includes all female physicians and medical students who are active members of the AMA. Other active members of the AMA who express an interest in women's issues and wish to join the WPS can "opt-in" here.)

Deadlines & Events

AMA-WPS Resolution Committee Sign-up (Annual): Monday, January 5 – Sunday, February 15

AMA National Advocacy Conference (Grand Hyatt Washington): Monday, February 23 – Tuesday, February 24

Nominations for AMA-WPS Governing Council Elections Due: Sunday, March 15

Resolution Deadline for AMA-WPS Annual Business Meeting: Monday, March 30

AMA-WPS Annual Meeting Registration Opens: Monday, March 23

HOD Handbook Review Committee Deadline (Annual): Thursday, April 30

AMA-WPS Annual Meeting Registration Closes: Tuesday, May 26 (11:59 p.m.)

AMA-WPS Annual Business Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago): Saturday, June 6

AMA Annual Meeting (Hyatt Regency Chicago): Saturday, June 6 – Wednesday, June 10

AMA-WPS Resolution Committee Sign-up (Interim): Saturday, June 6 - Wednesday, July 15

AMA-WPS Inspirational Physician Nominations due: Friday, July 31

Applications for the Giambalvo Fund for the Advancement of Women due: Friday, July 31

Resolution Deadline for AMA-WPS Interim Business Meeting: Sunday, August 30

AMA-WPS Interim Meeting Registration Opens: TBD

Women in Medicine Month: Tuesday, September 1 – Wednesday, September 30

HOD Handbook Review Committee Deadline (Interim): Wednesday, September 30

AMA-WPS Interim Business Meeting (Atlanta, GA): Saturday, November 14

AMA Interim Meeting (Atlanta, GA): Saturday, November 14 – Tuesday, November 17