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Convention Committees

Application and Deadline

The deadline to apply to serve on a Convention Committee at the 2016 National Medical Student Interim Meeting is Friday, August 19th at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Please note: Completing this Form will not automatically register you for the Interim Meeting. You will have to register for the meeting if you intend on attending.

Instructions for submitting an application.

  1. Prepare a 250 word personal statement indicating why you would like to serve on the particular committee. Combine this document with your up-to-date CV(max of 2 pages) and have it ready to upload. There is a 2MB limit on the combined document.
  2. Click on the application link and log into the AMA Web site. Note: If you don't have an AMA account and are a first year medical student who recently applied for membership or an osteopathic medical student, you may not yet be in our member system. If the system cannot find you, continue creating an account and we will follow up with you after your submission.
  3. Once logged in, select "I am registering myself or a third party for an event," click "Begin Self Registration" and enter all information requested.

About Convention Committees

Convention committees are small representative groups that serve to expedite the conduct of business at each meeting of the MSS Assembly. Descriptions of their various functions follow:

The Credentials Committee is composed of eight Assembly members. The committee reviews the credentials of certified voting members and alternate voting members and distributes ballots to these delegates during election periods.

The Rules Committee is composed of four Assembly members. The committee reviews late and emergency resolutions and makes recommendations to the MSS Assembly on whether to consider them as business of the Assembly. The committee also collects and tabulates ballots during elections and verifies the results of these elections. Finally, the committee hears appeals to the process of ballot distribution and appeals on election results in the event of a dispute.

The Reference Committee is comprised of five members and one alternate.  The Reference Committee hosts the MSS Virtual Reference Committee, which is open for comment from MSS members.  The Virtual Reference Committee remains open for comment, or testimony, for 21 days.  Following the Virtual Reference Committee, the Reference Committee analyzes the various items of business and their corresponding testimony and prepares the final Reference Committee report.  The Reference Committee report will be made available for review one week prior to the Meeting.

***Please not that the final Reference Committee report will be drafted and made available for review PRIOR TO the Meeting using testimony submitted online via the MSS Virtual Reference Committee.  The final report and its recommendations will serve as the basis for extraction, discussion and voting at the MSS Assembly Meeting.  This significant change in the policy-making process is designed to streamline debate.  To accommodate these chances, Reference Committee members must be available to meet via conference calls approximately three weeks prior to the Meeting to consider online testimony and deliberate over the recommendations of the final Reference Committee report.***

The Parliamentary Procedures Committee is designed to assist members of the Assembly with procedural questions during the business meeting. Advanced knowledge of parliamentary procedure and participation at previous MSS meetings is required.

The House Coordination Committee supports the MSS Delegate and Alternate Delegate, as well as student members of their state delegations, in forming a common and well-informed position on resolutions and reports presented for the AMA House of Delegates. The committee is also responsible for coordinating student testimony for HOD reference committees for all student-authored resolutions. Committee members should be available through Sunday evening of the AMA-MSS meeting and are encouraged to stay throughout the AMA House of Delegates, which ends on Wednesday. All students, regardless of their level of experience, are encouraged to apply for this committee. Students who are currently serving as Delegates or Alternate Delegates to the AMA House of Delegates, however, should not apply for this committee.

The Hospitality Committee greets attendees at the welcome reception and coordinates social events with Region Chairs, State Chairs, and the host city and state medical societies.

The Logistics and Resources Committee assists the Speaker and Vice Speaker in addressing the logistical and technological needs of the Assembly during the meeting, including the amendment process during Saturday's business meeting.

The Community Service Project Coordination Team works with the MSS At-Large Officer on the organization and implementation of the community service project. You must be available to leave the Assembly on the day of the project.