Ongoing progress in genetic technologies opens new prospects for understanding and treating disease, while advances in reproductive technologies offer opportunities to create families in novel ways— posing challenges for patients, families, physicians and society.

The fact that genetic information carries implications for others to whom the individual is biologically related raises ethical challenges of balancing confidentiality against the well-being of others.

Code of Medical Ethics Opinions: Genetics

Assisted reproduction offers hope to patients who want children but are unable to have a child without medical assistance. 

Code of Medical Ethics Opinions: Reproductive medicine

Code of Medical Ethics Opinions: Chapter 4 (PDF)

AMA Code of Medical Ethics

Visit the Code of Medical Ethics page to access additional Opinions, the Principles of Medical Ethics and a list of CME courses that are available.

These Opinions are offered as ethics guidance for physicians and are not intended to establish standards of clinical practice or rules of law.

Table of Contents

  1. Genetics
  2. Reproductive medicine
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