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AMA-OMSS Meetings & Events

The 2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting was held June 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Thank you to the OMSS representatives and guests who attended the meeting and made it a success.

Post-meeting resources

Note: Although all documents on this page are available to AMA members and non-members alike, you must log in to your AMA account, or create a new account, to access these documents.

Meeting summary
Provides a high-level overview of the activities and outcomes of the 2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting.

Meeting summary PowerPoint presentation
OMSS representatives are encouraged to use this presentation in updating their medical staffs on the 2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting and on the activities of the Section.

Details the final actions of the OMSS Assembly on resolutions, reports, and Governing Council elections.

Education program presentations

Claim CME credit for A-14 programs by July 19

CME credit for programs attended at the 2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting must be claimed online via the AMA Learning Management System.

A code was provided at the end of each program. To claim your credit:

  1. Log in to the AMA website.
  2. Direct your browser to cme.ama-assn.org.
  3. Find and click on the program for which you are claiming credit.  Click register.
  4. Enter your code when prompted. Complete the evaluation and any other steps.
  5. Once you have successfully completed the evaluation, your CME credit certificate will generate. You may print it or save it for later.

Credit must be claimed by July 19.

View a video tutorial which details how to claim your credit.

Become an OMSS representative

Although all AMA members are invited to attend the OMSS meeting, only certified OMSS representatives are permitted to fully participate in the meeting (e.g., submit resolutions, make motions, vote).

OMSS representatives play a key role in the functioning of the Section. In addition to representing the interests and concerns of their medical staffs at biannual OMSS meetings, OMSS representatives serve as a two-way conduit for the transfer of vital information between the OMSS and medical staffs across the country. We hope that you will consider fully participating in the activities of the Section by becoming an OMSS representative today!

Contact the OMSS with any questions about becoming an OMSS representative.

Save the date - 2014 AMA-OMSS Interim Meeting

The 2014 AMA-OMSS Interim Meeting will be held Nov. 6-8 in Dallas. Subscribe to the OMSS email list to receive information about the meeting as it becomes available.

We hope to see you there!