Regardless of your specialty, medicine and its practice are dynamic. Search for continuing medical education (CME) courses and events to enhance your patient care, support your professional goals and learn the latest developments in areas such as clinical research and practice improvement.

The AMA offers courses on many different topics and in varying formats to best serve the medical community. Advance your clinical knowledge or improve your practice through online CME, live activities and performance improvement (PI) CME activities. Many CME courses are free or offered at a discount for AMA members and some are free for nonmembers.

CME courses include those offered by The JAMA Network® so you can discover the insights that matter most in clinical research and practice, and AMA STEPS Forward practice improvement strategies so you can transform your practice to achieve better patient experiences, better population health and lower overall costs with improved professional satisfaction.

Featured Activities

The following are just a few of the CME courses and events available for continuing medical education credit: