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Standing Committees

Committee on Long Range Planning

This committee works on issues regarding the structure and future of the AMA Resident and Fellow Section. Past achievements include updating the Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) of our Section and the report on Limitations on Candidacy for the Governing Council.

Jessica Deslauriers, MD - Chair

Steve, Lee - Vice Chair

Tzvi Furer - tzvi.furer@gmail.com
Benjamin Meyer - benjamindm17@gmail.com
Mohammed Mohammed Ilyas - driyoob@yahoo.com
Abigail Pape - ap7hu@virginia.edu
Hari Ravipati - hari.ravipati@gmail.com
Ross Harrison - ross.f.harrison@gmail.com
Jocelyn Young - jocelyncyoung@gmail.com

McKinley Glover IV, MD, MHS - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Medical Education

This committee works on medical education issues that relate to resident and fellow physicians, and assists the Governing Council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the AMA about critical issues related to Graduate Medical Education.

Sunny Jha - Chair

Diana Wieser - Vice Chair  

Jeremy Agostinho - jeremyliagostinho@gmail.com
Pratik Pramod Bahekar - drbahekar@gmail.com
Juri Bassuner - juri.bassuner@gmail.com
Maheedhar Gedela - maheedhar.gedela@usd.edu
Natalie Kash - nataliekash@gmail.com
Lacey Swenson - laceyswenson@hotmail.com
Cassidy Williams - cassidy.williams@ucdenver.edu
Kathleen Doo - kdoo888@gmail.com
Breanne Jacobs - bmb710@gmail.com

Ben Karfunkle - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Legislation and Advocacy

This committee will assist in enhancing grassroots legislative efforts and educating the Resident and Fellow Section on current political issues impacting medicine. A large focus of this group will be to increase participation and involvement in the AMA National Advocacy Conference in February or March. In addition, this committee will work with the Resident Representative to the AMA Political Action Committee (AMPAC) to engage members in AMPAC activities.

Josh Lesko - Chair

Ashley Reddy Lentini - Vice Chair

Dana Block-Abraham - dana.block.abraham@gmail.com
Elizabeth Freeman - elizabeth.freeman@uchospitals.edu
Dan Gong - dangong@post.harvard.edu
Michael Johnson - michaeltjohnson.md@gmail.com
Amar Kelkar - amarhkelkar@gmail.com
Megan Srinivas - msriniv5@jhmi.edu
Brett Tracy - bmtracy@gwmail.gwu.edu
Sarah Weaver - sarahweaver2013@gmail.com
Ravi Parikh - ravi.parikh@yale.edu

Ben Karfunkle - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Membership

This committee works primarily on membership, mentoring and marketing activities. The group will share ideas and form strategies to increase retention and recruitment within the AMA Resident and Fellow Section. In addition, this group will work with the AMA Resident Segment team to help identify communication and outreach vehicles to increase resident and fellow participation in the AMA.

Laurel Bessey - Chair  

Rachel Roberts - Vice Chair

Sanjay Konakondla - skonakola@geisinger.edu
Sagarika Nag - sagarika.nag@unchealth.unc.edu
Stephanie Purkat (Lindauer) - spurkat@gmail.com
Tarah Scanlon - tarah.scanlon@downstate.edu
Jennifer Sprague - jensprague@gmail.com
Rana Zouveenoor Tariq - zouveenoors@gmail.com
Jordan Warchol - jordanwarcholmd@gmail.com
Johannie Keith Uy - johannie.uy@gmail.com

Scott Resnick - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Scientific Research

This committee assists with the planning and execution of the annual Research Symposium held at the Interim Meeting in November. This includes reviewing abstract submissions, making decisions of acceptance, organizing the judging of poster presentations and assigning awards.

Ayesha Abid - Chair  

Bhaveen Kapadia - Vice Chair

Kanthi Badipatla - kanthirb@gmail.com
Moustafa Elsheshtawy - melsheshtawymd@gmail.com
Narendranath Epperla - enaren10@gmail.com
Laura Halpin - laura.e.halpin@gmail.com
Efstratios Koutroumpakis - skoutroubakis@gmail.com
Stanley Lyndon - slyndon@mcw.edu
Sandhya Mittal, MD - mittalsa08@gmail.com
Hiba Mustafa - hiba.mustafa.md@gmail.com
Javed Nasir - jnasir@stanford.edu
Jennifer Perri - jenniperri@gmail.com
Anahita Shahnazi Okhchi - ashahnazi@huhosp.org
Olga Reynbakh, MD - olgareynbakh@gmail.com

Jerry Abraham - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Public Health

This committee deals with issues affecting public health both domestically and internationally. Committee members will assist the Governing Council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the AMA about critical public health issues. The committee will also help residents develop grassroots programs to tackle public health issues in their local communities.

Joseph Lee - Chair

Erin Schwab, MD, MPH - Vice Chair

Julian Barkan - julbarkan@gmail.com
Clayton Barnes - clayton.barnes@tufts.edu
Emily Cleveland Manchanda - eccleveland@gmail.com
Alexandra Iacob - sandra.iacob@gmail.com
Joseph Ikekwere - ikejoseph20@gmail.com
Poonam Kalidas - pkkalida@gmail.com
Brooke Lamparello - brooke.lamparello@gmail.com
Lucy Lane - lucy.lane@uvmhealth.org
Emilie Prot - eprot@alumni.nd.edu
Andrew Schumacher - andrewschu@gmail.com
Vanessa Rashida - vanessa.al.rashida@gmail.com

Mike Lubrano - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Business and Economics

This committee addresses financial and economic issues affecting physicians during their residency and fellowship, such as disability insurance, debt management, budgeting, negotiating employment contracts, and choosing a practice. Committee members will work to represent the resident and fellow voice in considerations of the future of physician payment models, the practical implications of the Affordable Care Act on residents, fellows, and newly graduated trainees and macroeconomic trends that may face healthcare in the future.

Linda Wu - Chair

Chad Roberts - Vice Chair

Kenoma Anighoro - kanighoro@mcw.edu
Ken Philip Ehrhardt - kehrh2@lsuhsc.edu
John Jennings - john.jennings2@tuhs.temple.edu
Scott Leikin - leikinsm@gmail.com
Francesca Mazzulla - francesca.mazzulla@gmail.com
Kyle Stinehart - kylestinehart@gmail.com
Chirag Shah - cshah85@gmail.com
Meggen Walsh - meggen.walsh@ufl.edu

Scott Resnick - Governing Council Liaison

Committee on Quality and Patient Safety

This committee works to address issues of medical quality, quality improvement and patient safety in addition to developing a better understanding of the government agencies and regulatory bodies that govern quality measures and their implementation and utilization, particularly as it affects physicians. Examples include highlighting issues of importance to practicing physicians and physicians-in-training regarding accreditation, quality measures, provider evaluation, etc. This includes providing the RFS with written reports, collaborating with the RFS Governing Council to develop relationships with relevant quality organizations, and encouraging awareness and education regarding medical quality, quality improvement and patient safety issues.

Stephanie Guarino

Ajanta Patel - Vice Chair

Jennifer Brooks - jennifer.ann.brooks@gmail.com
Farouk Dako - fdako123@gmail.com
Chetan Patel - crp.crhs@gmail.com
Marcus Rushing - marcus.rushing@northwestern.edu
Jun Tashiro - jtashiro@med.miami.edu
Caleb Cheng - calebchengmd@gmail.com
Michael Knight - knightmg@gmail.com

Jerry Abraham - Governing Council Liaison