Reinventing Medical Practice

The AMA’s Digital Health Implementation Playbook packages the key steps, best practices and resources to accelerate the adoption of these and other digital health innovations and helps physicians extend care beyond the exam room.

AMA unveils playbook to speed digital health adoption

Digital tools such as wearables that offer new ways to improve care, enable lifestyle change and create efficiencies are skyrocketing in popularity. But physician practice integration of these kinds of tools sometimes falls short. The AMA’s Digital Health Implementation Playbook packages the key steps, best practices and resources to accelerate the adoption of these and other digital health innovations and helps physicians extend care beyond the exam room.

3 keys to giving physicians more face time with patients

A primary care model that makes greater use of medical assistants—among other changes—has helped cut patient wait times, raise job satisfaction and give physicians more time for direct patient care, according to a study whose results shed further light on the effectiveness of team-based care. 

Physician burnout is expensive to an organization, contributing to direct costs of recruitment and replacement when physicians leave or reduce their clinical work hours. For an organization, the cost of physician burnout can range from $500,000 to more than $1 million per doctor. This estimate includes recruitment, sign-on bonuses, lost billings and onboarding costs for replacement physicians.

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Teamwork in medicine is key to preventing physician burnout and improving patient outcomes. Physicians and other health professionals can learn more about how addressing physician burnout begins with a healthy team through an AMA STEPS Forward™ module on creating a strong team culture.

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Overall burnout rate is down from 2017, but doctors’ well-being remains a pressing issue. So, when thinking about becoming a physician, medical students and residents might be interested in knowing which specialties can be considered the most stressful medical jobs. Learn how the specialties compare.

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