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Public Health

How to answer patients' questions about vaccinations

The issue of vaccinations recently has dominated the news, and it’s likely that your patients will be asking questions about the safety of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine for children. Here’s what you need to know when you get these questions.

Press Releases

Amidst growing measles outbreaks, AMA urges public to get vaccinated

Reminds physicians to discuss the safety and efficacy of vaccines with patients, and educate them on health risks associated with not vaccinating children.

Public Health

6 steps for practices to improve adult vaccination rates

Practices of all types can follow easy steps to overcome financial, administrative hurdles and protect their adult patients from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Leadership Viewpoints

Physicians agree: Vaccination crucial to public health

As physicians, we know the importance of keeping each individual patient as healthy as possible. With the issue of vaccinations getting increased attention in political discourse, now is a good time to review the AMA’s policies so you can talk to your patients using scientific facts.

Leadership Viewpoints

6 reasons you should not delay getting your flu shot

It's that time of year -- holiday lights and celebrations seem to go hand-in-hand with sniffles, coughing and fatigue. But there's a way to protect yourself, your family and your holiday season: Get a flu shot.

Public Health

How to get patients on board with immunization

Vaccine-preventable diseases kill 50,000 adults each year. Find out how to address patients’ fears and overcome other barriers to get them immunized.

Press Releases

AMA adopts new public health policies to improve health of nation

The AMA's new policies — which includes continued support of vaccine policy in the U.S. — were approved during the voting session of the AMA’s Annual Meeting.

Population Care

3 environmental issues disproportionately affecting Hispanic patients

Researchers and physicians at the event hosted by the AMA Minority Affairs Section and the National Hispanic Medical Association discussed how multiple factors—ranging from a lack of Hispanic physicians in medicine to lurking environmental contaminants—shape Hispanic health.

Specialty Profiles

What it’s like to be a pediatrician-scientist: Shadowing Dr. Hotez

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, always wanted to be a physician scientist focused on vaccines. Now he runs a large laboratory developing neglected-disease vaccines.


A look at ethics in the treatment of women's cancer

The malignancies treated in the subspecialty of gynecologic oncology often are aggressive, recurrent and incurable. Many ethical concerns relate to the fact they frequently occur in young women, and their prevention and treatment entail radical surgeries and side effects that can alter the remainder of a woman’s life.