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Leadership Viewpoints

Telescoping 50 years: Smoking report anniversary makes us look back—and ahead

With the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health commemorated this weekend, we have quite an outlook.

Public Health

Seeing someone vape makes younger smokers want to light up: study

Although they look less like cigarettes than their predecessors, vape pens still cause young adult smokers to crave combustibles when exposed to their use.

Public Health

50 years of anti-smoking efforts save 8 million lives

A new study in JAMA has found that public health efforts have cut smoking rates in half since then, saving 8 million lives.


Why patient-focused technology could be the future of medicine

To be patient-centered, a digital health tool doesn’t necessarily have to be high-tech. However, innovations are not just about the tech—they are about how we use the tech to take better care of our patients and be better physicians.


Small programs are taking on big problems with drugs, cancer

Community and medical organizations are teaming up to prevent the tragic consequences of drug misuse and preventable cancers. These programs are educating communities about safe practices and healthy behaviors.

Patient Support & Advocacy

Can house calls transform patient care? New film explores how

What if making house calls allowed physicians to transform patient care? One documentary film spotlights a family physician in Belfast, Maine who’s made house calls a key component of his practice.

Public Health

FDA pulled into federal court on delay in regulating e-cigarettes

The AMA and others tell a federal court that e-cig manufacturers are following the big tobacco playbook to lure teens to their addictive product.

Public Health

20% of lung cancer deaths are preventable: Here’s what you can do

Early determination of the damage done by smoking is at the core of new CME on lung-cancer screening recommendations.


Lifestyle change at heart of Dallas practice’s BP-control efforts

Patients with hypertension take monthly classes on lifestyle as one part of this clinic’s efforts to reduce blood pressure.

Public Health

E-cigarettes fall short as a harm-reduction tool

Long-term studies of vaping are needed, and e-cigs’ ingredients should be made public, physicians say.