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Resident & Student Finance

Apply for medical school scholarships

Choose among several scholarships and fellowships the AMA offers.

Resident & Student Finance

Medical school scholarships: Where you should look for funding

Wondering how to make medical school work financially? Here’s where you need to look to earn some scholarship support.

Medical School Diversity

Scholarships awarded to increase physician workforce diversity

Eleven outstanding medical students from across the country were announced earlier this month as recipients of Minority Scholars Awards from the AMA Foundation.


Physicians of Tomorrow Awards

Discover how this AMA Foundation award grants financial assistance to medical students. Contribute to the scholarship fund or nominate a medical student.

Preparing for Medical School

Are medical school service scholarships right for you?

Opportunities such as the National Health Service Corps and military service allow you to train for free, but it takes a certain type of person to thrive in those organizations.

Minority Affairs

AMA Minority Affairs Section: 2016 AMA Annual Meeting

The AMA Minority Affairs Section Annual Meeting heard from the patient safety officer for The Joint Commission. The meeting also had a forum on House of Delegates reports and resolutions that impact minority physicians and patients.

Resident & Student Finance

Lighten student loan debt with scholarship

The cost of medical education may be high, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be crushed by debt. Lighten your student loan debt by applying for one of six scholarships from the AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow Award.

Preparing for Medical School

Free med school still rare, but you can lessen your loan burden

Premeds overwhelmingly support free medical school tuition, a survey says. That’s unlikely to happen to be an option for most new medical students, so here’s what to do next.


36 med students, young physicians recognized as future leaders

Three dozen med students, residents and early career physicians received recognition for their work. Awards cover reducing health care disparities, as well as non-clinical leadership in advocacy, community service and education.

Minority Affairs

Meeting highlights of the AMA Minority Affairs Section

The AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS) kicked off its annual meeting with Doctors Back to School Improving Health Outcomes visits to two schools on Chicago’s South Side. The visits were part of a collaborative effort with the AMA Medical Student Section.