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Public Health

Why medical reasons should be the only exemptions from vaccinations

Immunization programs in the Unites States are credited with having controlled or eliminated the spread of epidemic diseases. When it comes to exemptions from vaccinations, public health experts are faced with determining if they can be given for non-medical reasons?

Press Releases

AMA supports tighter limitations on immunization opt outs

Policy adopted by the AMA addressing re-emergence of vaccine-preventable diseases in the U.S. requires states to bar non-medical exemptions to immunization.

Press Releases

Amidst growing measles outbreaks, AMA urges public to get vaccinated

Reminds physicians to discuss the safety and efficacy of vaccines with patients, and educate them on health risks associated with not vaccinating children.

Judicial Advocacy

Court must reconsider medical examiner’s ask for lawsuit immunity

Initially, a Texas court wouldn’t excuse a physician from a civil rights violation lawsuit. Here’s why a federal appeals court told the lower court to reassess.


Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians

Physicians have an ethical responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infectious disease in health care settings.

Public Health

6 ways to get your patients immunized this flu season

Influenza hospitalizes over 200,000 patients annually. Follow these tips to ensure your patients get the proper immunization this flu season.


Physicians agree: Vaccination crucial to public health

As physicians, we know the importance of keeping each individual patient as healthy as possible. With the issue of vaccinations getting increased attention in political discourse, now is a good time to review the AMA’s policies so you can talk to your patients using scientific facts.

Public Health

A simpler approach for a hard task: getting adults vaccinated

The 2019 adult immunization schedule gets a makeover aimed at helping physicians tell at a glance what their adult patients need to maximize their protection.

Public Health

Physicians have immunity for good-faith psychiatric discharges

Learn why Maryland’s top court is protecting psychiatrists from medical liability when they act in good faith—even when outcomes are tragic.

Public Health

Teamwork, empathic approach help clinic double vaccination rate

With flu season getting underway, find out how this Midwestern primary care practice mastered the task of adult immunization.