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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMA is your trusted source for critical information and support for the physicians, health care providers and others at the front line of the crisis.  


COVID-19 daily video updates

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an enormous threat to public health and an extreme challenge to physicians. Now, more than ever, the AMA is the physician's powerful ally in patient care.

Public Health

COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus) resource center for physicians

The AMA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus).

Health Equity

COVID-19  health equity resources 

The AMA is compiling critical health equity resources to focus on the structural issues that contribute to and could exacerbate already existing inequities, during the COVID-19 pandemic.   


AMA quick guide to telemedicine in practice

In an effort to keep our health care workers and patients safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Medical Association has designed resources to support physicians and practices in expediting the implementation of telemedicine, so care can continue to be provided to those who need it most.

Press Releases

AMA announces new CPT® guidance during COVID-19 pandemic

Equipping a health care workforce to accurately code medical procedures streamlines communication across the health system

Medical School Life

COVID-19 FAQs: Guidance for medical students

AMA provides guidance for medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic, including FAQs on graduating early, volunteering on the front lines and more.

Public Health

COVID-19 economic stimulus must aid struggling physician practices

Congress urged to pass economic stimulus legislation to support and sustain physicians and their practices during COVID-19 emergency.

Public Health

COVID-19: How the AMA is supporting physicians on the front lines

EVP & CEO James L. Madara, MD outlines the three essentials aspects of the AMA’s COVID-19 response strategy and highlights recent successes.

Public Health

Medical education COVID-19 resource guide

AMA provides guidance and resources for medical residents and fellows, medical students and medical faculty during the COVID-19 outbreak.