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Physician Burnout

AMA has learning modules and other resources to help physicians redesign their medical practices to minimize stress and improve job satisfaction.

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Physician Health

To combat physician burnout, change must come from within health organizations. Here’s how to create a culture of well-being in health systems and physician practices.

Practice Management

The AMA is your ally in removing obstacles that interfere with patient care and practice management. Learn how to transform your practice and reduce burnout.

Practice Benefits & Discounts

Group membership offers practices and health systems of all sizes the resources needed to improve health outcomes and better support their physicians.

Physician Health

Physician burnout: Detailing the impact, exploring solutions

With awareness of the problem widespread, leading health organizations are focused on solutions designed to promote physician well-being.

Physician Health

Medical specialties with the highest burnout rates

Work satisfaction is an indicator of stress and burnout. A survey by the AMA and the Mayo Clinic looked at physician burnout by medical specialty. List of burnout shows specialty rates have increased in 3 years.

Resident & Student Health

How med students avoid burnout

With physician and student burnout on the rise, medical students gathered to discuss preventing burnout during training.

Physician Health

Burnout tops physician issues in 2015

With 54.4 percent of physicians reporting at least one symptom of burnout, it’s no wonder it was the top issue in 2015. Burnout is all too common as burdensome regulations and the mounting pressures of practice have put many physicians in survival mode.

Physician Health

As work hours rise, so does physician burnout

What does your typical workweek look like? Find out how work hours correlate with physician burnout.

Physician Health

Physician burnout: 10 work factors that hinder your well-being

The hours you work and how you are paid are just a couple of the factors that can contribute to your levels of stress and job satisfaction.

Physician Health

At Stanford, physician burnout costs at least $7.75 million a year

Work hours, sleep-related impairment, anxiety and depression do not explain differences in physician turnover—burnout does. And the cost adds up.