Resident & Student Health

Student SOS: 6 ways to avoid “distress” in medical school

Studies show nearly 50 percent of medical students experience burnout. Take time to learn the key signs of “student distress,” so you can boost well-being during medical school.

Man preparing to run

Resident & Student Health

Survey reveals top 6 challenges faced in medical residency

Nonclinical concerns such as work-life balance swamp on-the-job issues. Learn more about the challenges of medical residency.

Resident with arms crossed holding stethoscope

Resident & Student Health

Learn about 2 big risk factors for medical resident burnout

Research finds nearly half of residents report at least one physician burnout symptom. Find out who’s likelier to experience medical resident burnout and why.

Resident & Student Health

Love and learn: How to be a good partner during medical residency

How can residents be good partners on top of everything else that is asked of them? This list of “love hacks” can help.

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Resident & Student Health

5 personal issues that add to medical resident burnout

Factors away from the bedside can add to medical resident burnout. Work-life balance is a common thread.

Hands cutting up fresh vegetables.


3 ways to save time with those tedious, personal tasks

For busy medical residents, some daily chores may seem impossible to master. Here are a few tips on how to manage them.

Person holding coffee cup

Resident & Student Health

4 energy-boosting tips to help residents as shifts drag on

We spoke with residents to get a few pick-me-ups that can help buoy a sleep-deprived trainee during their longest stints on call.

Two men on a lake

Resident & Student Health

How medical residents can make the most of their time off

Residents get a few weeks a year away from the strains of hours on end in the hospital or clinic. Follow this advice to get the most out of that precious vacation.

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