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  1. Hosting an in-person event (PDF)

    1. Use this handy checklist to plan your event.
  2. Hosting a virtual event (PDF)

    1. Use this checklist to prepare for a successful virtual event.
  3. Signing up for an AMA membership (PDF)

    1. Your guide to joining the AMA.
  4. Submitting a grant application (PDF)

    1. Apply for funding to support recruitment, engagement and community service events.
  5. Activating your Headspace subscription (PDF)

    1. Enjoy this mindfulness and meditation app by following these steps to get started.
  6. Speaker request checklist (PDF)

    1. Request an AMA speaker for your next event.
  7. AMA promo items request (PDF)

    1. Request AMA branded items to support recruitment efforts.


Contact the AMA MSOP team or view the program guide.
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