Download the following tool kits and easy-to-use email templates for use throughout the 2021–2022 recruitment year. 

MSOP Resource Center

Access up-to-date resources and materials.

  1. AMA 101

    1. Find resources on hosting an AMA information session, including email templates, presentations, guides and more. 

  2. Health equity

    1. Embedding equity into medicine requires planning and honesty. To meet this moment, the AMA has developed a plan to advance racial and social justice. Learn more with the MSOP health equity tool kit.

  3. Advocacy & policy

    1. The AMA delivers on its mission by representing med students with a unified voice in courts and legislative bodies across the nation. Access the MSOP advocacy tool kit.

  4. Osteopathic

    1. Why join as a DO? Find resources on hosting an AMA info. session, AMA and DO resolutions, and more.

  5. Back to School tool kit

    1. Find resources to support your event, including email templates, brochures, flyers and checklists. 

  6. T-shirt giveaway tool kit

    1. MSOP is running a limited-time t-shirt giveaway, in addition to a choice of welcome gift, when students sign up for a 4-year student membership. Access the resources to share and learn more.

  7. MSS tool kit

    1. The Medical Student Section (MSS) gives voice to and advocates for issues that impact medical students. Learn more with the MSOP MSS tool kit.
  1. Welcome email (DOC)

  2. Event invite (DOC)

  3. Event reminder (DOC)

  4. Event follow up/Thank you (DOC)


Contact the AMA MSOP team or view the program guide.
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