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94% match rate in 2018 for U.S. allopathic med students

The 2018 Match was the largest ever recorded by the National Resident Matching Program, resulting in a higher overall match rate than the year prior.

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No match for you? SOAP offers last-minute options

While time and space are limited, the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program offers hope for those students who did not match.

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Physicians offer a road map for the geography of Match rankings

Finding a location that offers a good overall quality of life can be an essential factor in the Match ranking process.

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Breaking down the numbers behind the Match process

While M4s may feel anxious about where they will end up, a deep dive into the data measuring the 2017 Match should assuage many applicants’ concerns.

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An open-minded approach to Match rankings has many benefits

The plan an applicant has for their life entering residency may change drastically over the course of their training. Be able to adjust as needed.

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Consider these overlooked factors for your Match rankings

As the deadline nears to submit Match order rankings, med students should look beyond a program’s ranking.

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Master the Match game with these insights

From interviews to applications to contingency plans, here’s a look at our most read and most relevant Match articles in 2017.

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AMA Policies

Actions taken to protect clerkship spots, address bias

There is an increased need for clerkship spots for U.S. medical students. The AMA will call for greater capacity.

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