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Membership Moves Medicine™

An AMA membership means you’re working to extinguish physician burnout.

No membership does more for you, so you can do more for your patients

  • Plenty of tools to make sure you’re actively working to extinguish physician burnout.
  • More than 40 award-winning tools to help with managing stress, preventing burnout and improving your workday routine.
  • The AMA Steps Forward™ program offers insightful and innovative flourishing strategies for physicians and their staff.
  • Invaluable guides are available to help you run an efficient and thriving practice.
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Fighting for you on multiple fronts

  • Stops costly insurance mergers that this year could have cost physicians $500 million a year.
  • Uses 60% of all membership dues for lobbying activities to advance the cause of physicians and their patients.
  • Serves as a relentless ally on Capitol Hill, in the courtroom and on the front lines of diabetes prevention and opioid abuse.
  • Makes sure your opinion counts and your voice is heard.
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An AMA membership means actively fighting to end the opioid epidemic

  • The AMA Opioid Task Force brings more physician leadership to bear on this national epidemic.
  • Greater emphasis on overdose prevention and treatment to help end the stigma of addiction.
  • Last year, nearly 120,000 physicians completed courses on opioid prescribing.
  • Education and training to offer effective treatment plans for patients with pain and substance use disorders.
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As a physician, your learning never stops

  • Retrieve world-class clinical research, education and insights.
  • Access clinical research to improve patient well-being and quality of care through the JAMA Network™.
  • Earn and track CME and MOC on your schedule with the Precision Medicine for Your Practice Series.
  • Stay on top of the latest research and best practices that will help you deliver better outcomes for your patients.
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