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STEPS Forward™ Practice Improvement Strategies

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The AMA's STEPS Forward™ practice improvement strategies is a collection of interactive educational modules developed by physicians to help physicians address common practice challenges and to achieve the quadruple aim of:

  1. Better patient experience
  2. Better population health
  3. Lower overall costs
  4. Improved professional satisfaction
AMA's STEPS Forward™—What's Inside

More than 40 online modules and live events: Patient Care, Workflow, Leading Change, Professional Well-Being, Technology and Finance. Redesign your practice. Reignite your purpose.

Innovative Strategies for Physicians and Their Staff in the New Health Environment

The real-world strategies, tools and resources presented in AMA STEPS Forward are based on the key insights of the AMA-RAND study, "Factors affecting physician professional satisfaction and their implications for patient care, health systems and health policy."

Preventing Burnout

STEPS Forward™ practice improvement strategies include a variety of modules on professional well‑being, specifically preventing physician burnout. These modules offer opportunities to improve patient satisfaction, quality outcomes and provider recruitment and retention. Modules on preventing burnout offer physicians an opportunity to assess burnout as well as adopt wellness approaches in their practices. 

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