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MIPS Action Plan

Achieve success under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).
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The AMA is dedicated to ensuring all physicians can succeed under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Our free resources and tools are available to help physicians and their practices thrive under MIPS and avoid payment penalties.

Dynamically Measures Physician's Progress to Ensure MIPS Success

AMA’s MIPS Action Plan helps physicians determine which path forward is best for their practice and manage their implementation over time. Physicians (or members of their practice) can dynamically track their progress based on individualized AMA-recommended dates and CMS deadlines to ensure all required MIPS components are adequately met. All content is customized based on the specific pathways selected.​​​​​

Screenshot of AMA MIPS Action Plan being used


Review the 10 Key Steps to Implement MIPS

AMA has determined the 10 key steps for successful MIPS implementation. Certain steps, however, may or may not be applicable, depending on your level of MIPS participation. For more detailed information, refer to the supplementary FAQ.

Provides physicians guidance & recommendations for QPP data strategies
Provides strategic guidance to hospital-employed physicians about QPP
View the MIPS Data Validation Criteria from the CMS site.

What to Do Next for QPP

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