AMA Future of Health Immersion Program

Future of Health Immersion Program

In an era of digitally enabled care, the Future of Health Immersion Program is designed to support physicians, practices and health systems in optimizing and sustaining telehealth and digital care modalities at their organizations. Formerly known as the AMA Telehealth Immersion Program, the Future of Health Immersion Program expands on telehealth to address the challenges of access, quality, outcomes, affordability and equity for all as new digital technologies are being used to provide care.

This self-guided curriculum consists of live and recorded webinars, interactive peer-to-peer learning sessions, virtual discussions, bootcamps and resources on-demand. New additions to the program portfolio are regularly added throughout the year building the comprehensiveness of program content. 

Fighting for telehealth fairness

Telehealth is critical to the future of health care. The AMA leads the charge to expand telehealth policy, research and resources to ensure sustainability and fair payment.

While there is no formal sign-up process to participate in the program, we welcome individuals to register for events and download resources as they relate to your interests in digital healthcare. If you are an organization interested in collaborating on program content or sharing with your network, please contact us to talk about our collaborator program.

The goals of the program are to:

  1. Provide comprehensive education on current digital care trends, virtual care implementation, team-based care, workflow design, technology, telepresence skills, optimization, measurement, medical education, specialty-specific use, policy, coding, and payment, among other topic areas.
  2. Examine and build the evidence base for interventions that support digital care in clinical practice by measuring the value of virtual care across patient satisfaction, provider satisfaction, access, clinical outcomes, quality, safety, financial, operational, and equity.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and the sharing of information and resources among physicians and practices to create a national action network to support the adoption and scale of safe, trusted, and effective telehealth solutions.

The Future of Health Immersion Program, part of the AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy, will provide foundational information on optimizing digitally enabled care and will also offer deep dives into aspects of digital care including, but not limited to:

  • Clinical best practices and real-world case studies.
  • Integration with other health care technologies.
  • Various stakeholder perspectives on optimizing digital care.
  • How to successfully scale and sustain new technologies in practice.
  • Virtual care expansion opportunities.

Additionally, the program will explore the barriers and challenges that exist today—such as access to technology, broadband and issues surrounding digital literacy—to ensure telehealth and other digital care modalities can reach the potential they have to enhance care delivery, continuity and experience, expand equitable patient access, and support improved clinical outcomes and value.

Learn more (PDF) about the AMA's initiatives and resources to help advance the future of health and support physicians, care teams, practices and health systems.

In participating in this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the digital health and telehealth landscape including market trends and available research.
  2. Deploy methods to effectively facilitate key stakeholder discussions and determine the prioritization of digital health initiatives in practice.
  3. Understand the digital disconnect and ways to enhance and incorporate digital modalities into current workflows.

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Individuals who take part in three or more AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy activities are eligible to receive a Recognition of Participation certificate. Find more information.

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