The Alexa skills every physician should be using

Amazon Alexa skills have been used to hear the late-night television monologue you slept through the night before, settle arguments over who holds which major league baseball record, and learn what the No. 1 top 40 single was on the day you were born.

A new way to get the news

Enable the Morning Rounds skill on any Echo device or through your Amazon app and ask, "What's my flash briefing?" to get daily updates on key topics.

Get it now

Now Alexa health care skills have been developed, including one that allows users to get the latest news and developments on topics such as physician burnout, public health, medical education and more.

All the AMA news articles included in the AMA Morning Rounds® daily newsletter are now available through the easy-to-install  AMA Morning Rounds Flash Briefing skill. Just go through these steps to add the skill to your device:

  • Go to the Amazon Alexa app and choose “Skills” from the menu.
  • Search for “AMA Morning Rounds.”
  • Tap into the skills detail page.
  • Click to enable.

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After installation, the skill can be accessed through any Alexa device or Amazon app by saying “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

Alexa will then read you highlights from AMA Morning Rounds and provide a link to find the complete articles online.

You don’t need to have an Echo device to listen to the Flash Briefing. It can be played through the Amazon app.

Say “Alexa, stop” to end the briefing. Users can also go to to read the articles themselves.

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Stress reduction at your command

When finished with the news, listeners may need to relax. The AMA is offering a two-year free subscription to the Headspace mindfulness app as an AMA member benefit.

Headspace provides evidence-backed strategies and bite-sized meditations for reducing stress, including “SOS exercises” for difficult times or guided meditations to help get rest and sleep.

To redeem this benefit, go to the Headspace page for AMA members. On the Headspace page, enter the required information and click “Get my free 2-year subscription.” Headspace will email a link to the address provided with instructions to complete enrollment.