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CPT® Licensing for Health IT Vendors

With a distribution license, Health IT Vendors can save customers time and effort by embedding CPT in their products. Become an authorized CPT Distributor.
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To make Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) data readily accessible to the thousands of organizations that use it, the AMA collaborates with vendors who distribute CPT to end users (e.g., hospitals, payers) of their products.

Because different vendors have different needs, there’s more than 1 way to collaborate with the AMA.  Review the different models to determine which one is right for your organization.

Model for Vendors Delivering Solutions With CPT Included

If your organization wants to embed CPT in your product(s), you should apply to become an authorized CPT Distributor.  The procedure is straightforward and the AMA encourages easy access to CPT data.

If your organization already includes CPT data in a product that you deliver to customers, and you do not already have a Distribution License from the AMA you are infringing the AMA’s copyright in the CPT work, which can have serious financial and legal consequences. Contact us today to initiate the distribution licensing process.

Model for Vendors Whose Clients Enter CPT Into Systems

If your end users/customers of your product input or upload CPT data into your product, all users of that product require a CPT license. The AMA provides free communication tools that you can use to help your end users/customers obtain accurate, current and properly licensed CPT data. Register today to learn more and access these tools.

AMA User Proxy Model

In order to address key cases where counting Users was not working well, the AMA introduced the User Proxy Model—a method of approximating Users using base metrics—and a toolkit to determine users.

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