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Explore AMA Wire for the latest news and information impacting the medical community.
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AMA Wire provides medical students, residents and physicians with the latest information on health care and other issues that impact their professional and private lives. Stay on the pulse of how the AMA is helping you shape your practice and provide better care for patients.

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AMA Wire Support for Medical Students, Residents & Fellows

  • USMLE Prep series: Prepare for the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) Step 1 exam and see which questions are most often missed by test takers. Check out this series from Kaplan Medical, and view expert video explanations of the answers.
  • “Shadow Me” specialty series: From pediatrics to palliative care, learn from physicians as they share insights about life in their specialties.
  • Medical school innovation: Follow coverage and analysis of how the AMA is collaborating with medical schools to build the medical school of the future and create a system that trains physicians to meet the needs of today's patients and anticipate changes in the practice of medicine.

AMA Wire Support for Physicians

  • Practice management: Explore ways to enhance practice efficiency and professional satisfaction by drawing from AMA tools and industry success stories.
  • Delivering care: Discover how the AMA is bringing together physicians to help prevent 2 of the nation’s most common chronic diseases: heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Also learn about the AMA’s work to help reverse and prevent the national epidemic of opioid misuse and addiction.
  • Physician wellness and burnout: Learn from experts about ways to prevent burnout and adopt wellness approaches in your practice.
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