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Independent Payment Advisory Board

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Intended to help reduce Medicare costs outside the influence of political processes and pressures, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) established the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) (PDF). The AMA is fighting to repeal this provision of the ACA due to the board’s authority and inflexible mandate to impose arbitrary across-the-board cuts to physicians and other providers that could adversely affect access to health care services for Medicare patients.

Under the ACA, the IPAB is responsible for submitting recommendations to Congress to slow the growth of national health care expenditures through the use of a spending target system and fast track legislative approval process. 

If Congress fails to pass legislation by Aug. 15 each year, the IPAB’s recommendations automatically take effect. The AMA continues to fight to repeal the IPAB because major changes in the Medicare program should be properly deliberated and decided on by elected officials, not an obscure panel with the power to make indiscriminate cuts that adversely affect patient access to health care.

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For background on this advocacy work, read the AMA letters on this topic.

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