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CPT® Code Applications

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All CPT code change applications are reviewed and evaluated by CPT staff, the CPT/HCPAC Advisory Committee, and the CPT Editorial Panel. Code change requests must include:

CPT Code Criteria

Strict conformance with established criteria is required for review of a code change application.

Code Change Application Submission

Paper applications will continue to be required for the February 2018 Panel meeting for all code change requests except PLA requests. Download the appropriate paper form below and submit the completed form to [email protected].  Deadline for application submission is Nov. 7, 2017.

For Category II codes, please review the submission instructions before submitting a paper application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Submit an Online PLA Application

Online Applications Beta Platform

CPT® applications are going digital following the February 2018 Panel meeting. With the launch of its smart applications test website, CPT will make the entire code application process a seamless online experience for users.

Access Applications Test Site

Submit a test application to the test application platform. Applications submitted to the test platform are not valid for placement on the February 2018 Panel meeting agenda.

Benefits of Online Applications

  • Aggregation of applicants’ work on the cloud
  • Improved communication of information needed to complete an application and comply with AMA guidelines
  • Pre-fills and searches current codeset for less cutting & pasting
  • Easier reference and citation uploading and cataloging
  • Co-applicant registration
  • Information on application status and alerts of submission deadlines
  • Automatic rolling of applications to the next scheduled Panel meeting if submission deadline is missed

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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