The Young Physicians Section (YPS) held its June 2022 section business meeting on Friday, June 10, 2022. This meeting was attended by nearly 100 representatives from various state and specialty societies.

The YPS meeting reviewed several items of business before the AMA House of Delegates, including the following resolutions authored by the section:

  • Resolution 003: Increasing Public Umbilical Cord Blood Donations in Transplant Centers
  • Resolution 101: Fertility Preservation Benefits for Active-Duty Military Personnel
  • Resolution 622: HOD Modernization

The topic for the YPS lunchtime education session was “The Role of Medicine in Armed Conflict: Ethical and Professional Impacts.” As global citizens and health care leaders, as well as AMA members, we are acutely aware that armed conflict impacts patients and our profession, including our professional and ethical obligation to provide live-saving, palliative and restorative care to a diverse patient population. 

The ethical implications of armed conflict affect both the patient and physician. Zaher Sahloul, MD, MedGlobal, and Elliott Crigger, PhD, director, ethics policy, were the presenters.

The following positions were filled during the YPS Governing Council elections:

  • Chair-elect: Jordan Warchol, MD
  • Delegate: Alisha Reiss, MD
  • Member at-large: Marc Mendelsohn, MD
  • Alternate delegate: Sean Figy, MD, will fill the vacancy of the YPS alternate delegate until the next scheduled election.

For additional information on the June YPS meeting, visit the section's meetings and events page.

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