The Women Physicians Section (WPS) met virtually on Sunday, Nov. 7.

The WPS hosted a keynote address on a Research Initiative to Sponsor and Empower Women in Medicine and Science. The presenters were 2020 Joan F. Giambalvo Fund for the Advancement of Women grant winners from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine:

  • Vidhya Prakash, MD, principal investigator, professor of clinical internal medicine
  • Heeyoung Han, PhD, associate professor of medical education
  • Susan Thompson Hingle, MD, professor of clinical internal medicine
  • Wendi El-Amin, MD, associate professor of family and community medicine

In the program, the researchers aimed to provide a formal research sponsorship program, in which women physicians were formally invited to existing research projects or given the opportunity to initiate a new project with a sponsor’s support.

Visit the education sessions page for additional information on this topic and other sessions.

The WPS meeting was attended by more than 80 physicians and medical students.

Also, the WPS reviewed several items of business before the AMA House of Delegates, including the following resolutions authored by the section:

  • 017: Gender Equity and Female Physician Work Patterns During the Pandemic
  • 105: Fertility Preservation Insurance Coverage for Women in Medicine

In addition, the WPS business meeting highlighted key events from this year’s Women in Medicine Month.

Lastly, the WPS Associates meeting centered around a lively and insightful discussion on “Gender-Based Disparities in Career Advancement.”

For additional information on the November WPS meeting, visit the section's agenda & resources page.

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