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Radiation Oncology
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Resident and Fellow Section Representative,
Women Physicians Section (WPS) Governing Council
June 2018-June 2020
[email protected]


Anna Laucis, MD, a resident physician in radiation oncology at the University of Michigan will continue to serve as the RFS representative of the Women Physicians Section Governing Council for the 2019-20 term. 

The WPS is a member interest group within the AMA for women physicians and medical students. The Section Governing Council is responsible for increasing the membership, participation and leadership of women in the AMA as well as advocating on women’s health and women in medicine policy issues.

Dr. Laucis has founded three periodicals, The Duke Science Review, DukeMed Voices, and Transitions for St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. In addition, Dr. Laucis is the co-founder of Levator, the world's first patient-based communication platform.

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