The Senior Physicians Section (SPS) met on Friday, June 10.

The SPS Governing Council met June 10 to review HOD resolutions and reports related to senior physician issues, including Resolution 113: Prevention of Hearing-Loss-Associated-Cognitive-Impairment through Earlier Recognition and Remediation, and Resolution 114: Oral Healthcare is Healthcare. The Assembly meeting included discussion of SPS business items and future activities.

SPS sponsored two educational programs.

"Learn the Latest on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation for Seniors in the US Health Care System" featured Todd Askew, AMA senior vice president of advocacy, who discussed the pros and cons of Medicare negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.

SPS members at the 2022 Annual Meeting
Panelists for the "Surgery in Older Adults" program.

"Surgery in Older Adults, A Risky Undertaking: Learn More About Optimizing Perioperative Brain Health" featured Susana Vacas, MD, PhD, assistant professor, Harvard University, who discussed evidence-based practices that relate to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of perioperative neurocognitive disorders in senior physicians. Panelists were Amit Ghose, MD, SPS liaison and Matthew D. Gold, MD, delegate, Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS). The program was moderated by Jenny L. Boyer, MD, JD, PhD, chair, SPS Governing Council

For additional information on the June SPS meeting, visit the agenda & resources page.

View the SPS delegates report (PDF) from the June SPS meeting.

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