Senior Physicians

2019 SPS Annual Meeting highlights

Educational program

The AMA-SPS sponsored an educational program on Saturday entitled, ‘Down a road and back again: Making a late-life transition into a meaningful retirement.’ 

This well attended program featured Michelle Pannor Silver, PhD, associate professor, University of Toronto, Department of Sociology & the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society, who spoke on how investing time and resources into facilitating late career succession planning strategies can honor a physician's lifelong commitment to medicine.

She noted how retirement planning is complicated for all, but especially for physicians whose personal identity is often tied to their profession. The program was introduced by Richard Allen, MD, chair, AMA-SPS Governing Council, and moderated by Louis Weinstein, chair-elect, of the AMA-SPS Governing Council.

Governing council

The AMA-SPS Governing Council met June 7 to review HOD resolutions and reports related to senior physician issues, including SPS-introduced Resolution 316 on medical student debt and completed board candidate interviews. 


During the assembly meeting, Richard Allen AMA-SPS GC chair, reviewed election results for the AMA-SPS Governing Council that opened in early 2019. Jenny L. Boyer, MD, PhD, JD (Norman, OK) and Kenneth L. Mattox, MD (Houston, TX), were elected to officer at-large positions for two year terms.

Memorial resolution

The assembly meeting included discussion of SPS business items and future activities. Lastly, the AMA-SPS Governing Council recognized former governing council member, John A. Knote, MD, with a memorial resolution in the Sunday tote.