Residents & Fellows

2018 RFS Interim Meeting highlights

Physician Network Event

The RFS hosted a successful Physician Network Event on Thursday Nov. 8, that brought together M4s, residents and fellows and young physicians. It provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to make connections and gain invaluable insights on making a smooth transition between medical school, residency, and into practice, not only in their personal journey but also across AMA sections.

BOT panel

During the Assembly Meeting on Friday Nov. 9, members of the Board of Trustees, Drs. Harris, Resneck and Ribeira held an hour-long Q&A session, offering members the unique opportunity to ask questions ranging from the AMA’s strategy on adapting to the evolving demographic of physicians-in-training in terms of membership and retention to AMA's advocacy priorities in relation to decreasing financial burdens and preserving and expanding advantageous options for loan repayment. It also included a discussion surrounding the evolution of the AMA Strategic Arcs.

AMA Expo

The AMA executed its first ever Expo, which included 30 exhibitors in the career fair, 5 lectures ranging from alternative careers in medicine to strategies surrounding student loans, and the Research Symposium. We are excited to announce the following winners:

  • Podium Presentations
    • Abbi Johns
  • Poster Presentations
    • Clinical Medicine: Samantha Zwiebel          
    • Clinical Vignette:  Belaal Sheikh
    • Improving Health Outcomes: Kimsey Mallory


The AMA-RFS elected Tani Malhotra, MD, as the RFS GC Chair-elect and a total of 56 members serving as Sectional Delegates/Alt. Sectional Delegates.


Grayson Armstrong, MD, MPH, Board of Trustees, Resident Member

Laura Halpin, MD, PhD, Resident seat on the AMA Council on Science and Public Health (CSAPH)


The AMA-RFS Assembly adopted 8 resolutions across a wide variety of advocacy issues:

  • Extending Pregnancy Medicaid To One Year Postpartum
  • Developing Sustainable Solutions to Discharge of Chronically-Homeless Patients
  • Affirming the Medical Spectrum of Gender
  • Support for Medicare Disability Coverage of Contraception for Non-Contraceptive Use
  • Support for Medicare Disability Coverage of Contraception for Women of Reproductive Age
  • Increasing Rural Rotations During Residency
  • Contraception for Incarcerated Women
  • Delegation of Informed Consent

The RFS also considered two items of business that were referred:

  • Decreasing Financial Burdens on Residents and Fellows
  • Medical Aid in Dying