The Private Practice Physicians Section (PPPS) met virtually on Saturday, Nov. 6.

The PPPS virtual meeting was attended by more than 71 private practice physicians. PPPS was pleased to see the overwhelming support for this new section and such a high level of robust engagement.

The section transmitted three resolutions to the AMA House of Delegates for consideration at the November 2021 Special Meeting. 

  • Resolution 2: Enforcement of Administrative Simplification Requirements
  • Resolution 3: Advocacy of Private Practice Options for Healthcare Operations in Large Corporations
  • Resolution 4: Health System Consolidation

The section will strongly support three AMA House of Delegates resolutions: 

  • To promote sustainability in Medicare physician payments.
  • To improve physician payments.
  • To end budget neutrality.

The section hosted a panel discussion on Innovative Contracting for Private Practice. The education program provided an opportunity for members to engage in conversation around current contracting practices and recommendations for private practice physicians in this area.

Visit the education sessions page for additional information on this topic and other sessions.

Learn more about PPPS and how to become more engaged. Membership in PPPS is open to any AMA member in a physician-owned private practice, which is defined as a practice comprised of 50 or fewer physicians and in which those physicians, in the aggregate, own a controlling interest. Applications for membership are considered on a rolling basis.

For additional information on the November PPPS meeting, visit the section's agenda & resources page.

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