The Private Practice Physicians Section (PPPS) met virtually on Saturday, June 5. It marked the inaugural meeting for the section, which was established in November 2020.

June 2021 sections meetings

Find additional information for the sections' meetings taking place June 4-6 and June 11.

The PPPS Assembly considered four resolutions and conducted a thorough review of the items of business before the House of Delegates, prompting robust discussion on notable issues such as:

  • Prohibiting the use for marketing or recruiting purposes of patient information collected by retail pharmacies during COVID-19 vaccination scheduling/administration processes

  • Support for creation of CPT codes to ensure adequate compensation for administrative work involved in prior authorization.

The section transmitted one resolution to the House of Delegates for consideration at the June 2021 Special Meeting.

The section hosted an informative and inspiring education session entitled “Private practice: Where we stand today; how we lead into tomorrow” featuring a panel of AMA experts:

The deadline to claim CME credit for this program is July 31, 2021.

Visit the education sessions page for additional information on this topic and other sessions.

Congratulations to the members appointed to the 2021-2022 PPPS Governing Council:

  • Alternate Delegate: Daniel Choi, MD
  • Member at-large (1-8 physicians practice): Carolyn Francavilla, MD
  • Member at-large (9-50 physicians practice): Keshni Ramnanan, MD

Membership in PPPS is open to any AMA member in a physician-owned private practice, which is defined as a practice comprising 50 or fewer physicians and in which those physicians, in the aggregate, own a controlling interest. Applications for membership are considered on a rolling basis.

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