International Medical Graduates

2018 IMGS Interim Meeting highlights

The International Medical Graduates Section (IMGS) celebrated its 21st Year of interim meetings beginning Friday, Nov.  9 with the 16th annual AMA Research Symposium held in collaboration with the Medical Student and Resident and Fellows Sections.

This Research Symposium underwent several enhancements, among these its inclusion as one of three events that form part of the new AMA EXPO.  In addition to the symposium, the EXPO includes the AMA Career Fair and the AMA Lecture Series.

The AMA EXPO offered live networking and educational opportunities for all research symposium participants.   The AMA Research Symposium winners selected among the ECFMG-certified physicians awaiting residency included: ;

Podium Category

  • Clinical Medicine: Kiran Chatha

Poster Category

  • Clinical Medicine: Andres Chacon
  • Clinical Vignette:  Nikita Mbakada
  • Improving Health Outcomes: Shayan Sinha Mahapatra

The IMG Section attendees participated in its third sections and special groups joint educational program sessions on various topics of interest.

The IMGS Congress Reception and Business meeting featured Vijay Rajput, MD, professor of medicine,  Ross University School of Medicine, who provided an excellent presentation on “Acculturation: Continuous immersion and improvement for IMGs.”

Todd Unger, chief experience officer and senior vice president also addressed the business meeting regarding the AMA Physician Engagement, ambassador and other initiatives. The IMGS Congress meeting successfully reviewed the items considered for this House of Delegates meeting and was a positive forum for discussing IMG policy initiatives and organizational reports.

On Sunday, Nov. 12, the IMG Section held its Busharat Ahmad, MD, Leadership Development Program which featured David Barbe, MD, AMA immediate past president, who provided a presentation on “How to earn an AMA leadership position.”  This program provided exciting information on leadership definition, the best practices for physician leaders and what is required to move into AMA leadership positions.

The IMG Section meeting culminated with its joint IMGS and Minority Affairs Section Caucus held on Monday, Nov. 12.