The LGBTQ & Allies Caucus met virtually on Sunday, Nov. 8, with 30 physician members in attendance.

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Magda Houlberg, MD, chair of the AMA Advisory Committee on LGBTQ Issues provided participants an update on the committee’s 2020-2021 priorities and work. Priorities include:

  • Strengthening alignment and integration of LGBTQ+ health initiatives across AMA sectors.
  • Awareness building and education on issues of intersectionality.
  • Enhancing virtual educational offerings on current LGBTQ+ health challenges and opportunities.
  • Analyzing existing AMA policy on LGBTQ+-related matters and developing an implementation/action plan.
  • Exploring mentorship with medical students.
  • Collaboration and partnership with AMA internal and external and stakeholders to advance enterprise LGBTQ+ equity goals.

Dr. Houlberg also shared the recently released LGBTQ+ Health, Diversity and Inclusion CME course bundle and the LGBTQ Patient Care modules developed in partnership with Howard Brown Health.

These free CME courses are available on the AMA Ed Hub which supports lifelong learning, licensure and certification needs and provides high-quality education for physicians and other medical professionals to stay current and continuously improve the care they provide.

A real time look at the unfolding election 2020 results and what they mean for LGBTQ health and wellness was provided to caucus participants by:

  • Cynthia Brown, vice president, Government Affairs, AMA Washington office
  • Kai Sternstein, vice president, AMA Advocacy Resource Center
  • Annalia Michelman, senior attorney, AMA Advocacy Resource Center

The advocacy team shared the outlook for AMA priorities in the coming sessions of state legislatures, Congress and with a new presidential administration.

Though there will be both challenges and opportunities, the advocacy team noted the strengths of a robust body evidence-based and scientifically grounded AMA policy to guide our engagement and initiatives.

Following the business and networking sessions, participants took part in a meet and greet event with the Advisory Committee, continued to discuss the education presentation and shared ideas for staying connected in a virtual environment and supporting LGBTQ health initiatives.

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